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Unveil the Beauty of Ladakh With Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek is home to one of the most thrilling treks in the Ladakh region. It is a monument to the pure beauty of the Himalayas and is famous for its stunning views, steep mountain passes, and rich cultural tapestry. 

The Markha Valley Trek follows the Markha Valley River from Chilling to Shang Sumdo, which is close to Hemis National Park, and then up to Kongmaru Pass. It travels through a stunningly barren valley that offers striking contrasts between the verdant, fertile communities beside the river, snow-capped peaks, and dry, dusty slopes.

There are tiny local settlements in the valley that maintain a very traditional way of life. As you travel by ancient gompas and the remains of hilltop strongholds, you can see the region’s rich history.  The best thing about your Markha Valley Trek Tour is you can enjoy the entire voyage, which allows you to stay in such beautiful places. 

Markha Valley is also one of the few tea-house treks in India because of the village homestays scattered along the course. If you are visiting Ladakh for a limited time and can only do one trek, then the Markha Valley Trek is must place to visit. 

Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Out Markha Valley Trek Tour

Despite its exceptional natural beauty and stunning village homestays, there are many more things to explore in Markha Valley Ladakh that lure you each time you visit.

Stunning View

Travel across a variety of landscapes, such as verdant meadows, arid desert stretches, and clear rivers. The journey presents travellers with a kaleidoscope of the glories of nature, unfolding like a visual symphony.

Cultural Heritage

In addition to offering stunning views, there is a chance to indulge yourself in local culture in the heart of Ladakh. Meet with the kind Ladakhi people, know their rituals, and tour historic monasteries that serve you an amazing yet unforgettable Ladakh trip. Another unique rewarding feature of the Markha Valley Trek is the cultural fabric that runs through it.

High-Altitude Pass Difficulties

Explore Ganda La and Kongmaru La, among other high-altitude pass difficulties. Even though these climbs require physical effort, the sensation of achievement at their heights is unmatched. Every step of the journey is rewarded because of the stunning views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, which leave enduring memories set against the majestic Himalayas.

Starry Nights Away from Civilization

In Markha Valley Trek Tour, you can get away from the brightness of the city and take in some of the most brilliant night skies you’ve ever seen. The hiking path passes through isolated Ladakhi settlements that provide a divine view. Every night under these starry skies becomes a chance for reflection and wonder, turning the Markha Valley Trek into more than just a difficult physical adventure.

Homestay Experience

Choosing a homestay can enhance your Markha Valley trek trip even further. After a long day of hiking, these comfy accommodations not only offer a welcome break but also foster real relationships with local families. 

So, don’t miss this incredible adventure! Check out our Markha Valley Trek Tour Package to get amazing offers.

Markha Valley Trek Travel Guide: Important Details!

Places to Visit

Leh| Spituk | Zinchen | Kandala Base|Skiu | Markha | Thachungtse| Chuskurmo | Shang Sumdo | Martselang| Hemis

Trip Duration

7 Nights 8 Days

Best Time to Visit

June to October






Day 1

Leh – Spituk – Zinchen ( 11200 ft/ 3400 mts) We will take a Jeep from Leh to the town of Spituk and explore Spituk Monastery. Then after, the Ladakh trek BEGINS.  We will trek to Zinchen, a straightforward stroll that requires several stream crossings. We will do a mid-term stay in the town of Zinchen camps.

Overall Trek Time: 4-5 hours.

Day 2

Zinchen – Khandala Base ( 13500 ft/ 4380 mts) We will start trekking to the base of Kanda-La, which will be challenging. So, it will require several stream crossings. Then after, at Rumbuck Town we will have our lunch. The mid-term stay will be in the Base’s camps.

Overall Trek Time: 6-7 hours.

Day 3

Khandala Base to Skiu (12200 ft/ 3400 mts) We will walk up the mountainside to the Kanda-La, situated at an elevation of 4850 meters. Then, a straightforward and passable walk in the direction of Shingo town. Then, we will follow a basic walk camp at Skiu to explore the Monastery.

Overall Treak Time: 5–6 hours.

Day 4

Skiu to Markha (12200 ft.) On day 4, we will have a few stream crossings in the hike, which is simple. Then, we will trek for 7 hours and enjoy the nights in a nearby town while having tea with the locals.

Overall Trek Time: 7-8 hours.

Day 5

Markha to Thachungtse (12300 ft/ 3700 mts) We will Visit the Hankar Yokma village and the Umlung Monastery on a peak, so one can relish the religious community and enjoy a lovely environment. In the middle of the camp, we will cross several Markha Waterways as well.

Overall Trek Time: 5-6 hours.

Day 6

Thachungtse to Nimaling  (1500 ft/ 4700 mts) At Thachungtse, we will enjoy the long valley on the riverside, which starts widens and deepens as you goes higher. Walk beside a small lake, then cross fields to reach Nimaling. This is one of Ladakh’s most beautiful high valleys, rising to a height of 4700 meters. Standing at 21000 feet is the Kangyatse Peak on the correct side.

Overall Trek Time: 5-6 hours.

Day 7

Nimaling to Chuskurmo to Shang Sumdo (12100 ft.) On Day 7, a long trek up the mountainside, zigzagging to the Gongmaru La. It stands up to 51,00 Mts. A couple of easy crossings will come across, so keep your stamina higher.

Overall Trek Time: 4-5 hours.

Day 8

Shang Sumdo to Martselang To Hemis ( 12078 ft/3660 mts) Once again, follow the riverside. From there, we will choose a good route through large squares and reach the motorized trail via a series of Chortens. Take the luxury of leaving Martselang town behind and follow a trail that gently rises to Hemis.

Overall Trek Time: 5-6 hours.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Hiking the Markha Valley Trek is most enjoyable in the summer, from late June to early September. During this time of year, the weather is pleasant, which makes hiking trails accessible and gives hikers a more comfortable experience.

Markha Valley is a difficult trek, therefore careful packing guarantees a secure and enjoyable journey. Here are the things to pack for the Markha Valley Trek Tour:

  • Lightweight and comfortable clothes
  • Rain Gear
  • Head Protection
  • Hiking boots
  • Personal toiletries
  • Cash
  • ID Proofs

A 7 to 10-day trip is the best duration for the Markha Valley Trek Tour. Trekkers can complete the Markha Valley route and tempt in this amount of time, taking in the varied scenery, visiting cultural sites, and overcoming the difficulties of high-altitude passes.

The eligibility for the Markha Valley Trek depends on various factors such as age, physical fitness, trekking experience, and integration to high altitudes. Most importantly, you should be able to carry a backpack of 12-16 kg.

On average, it can cost you up to 15,000 rupees (approx) But it is better to talk with our experts to know the entire fee for the Markha Valley Trek tour.

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